Diagnostic Imaging

In an effort to provide your pet with superior medical care, we perform diagnostic imaging services to supplement prognosis. Medical imaging employs the use of machinery to give photographic representation of abnormalities or injuries. In performing diagnostic imaging, our veterinarian can provide safe, accurate diagnosis and promptly treat the problem.

Reasons for diagnostic imaging: 

  • Assess facial swelling and dental problems. 
  • Detect possible bladder infections. 
  • Determine the location of broken bones or bone fractures.
  • Evaluate the status of a pet’s pregnancy. 
  • Help identify if a pet has heart disease. 
  • Help obtain a biopsy sample. 
  • Locate foreign bodies that a pet might have swallowed.

What does diagnostic imaging involve?

New England Animal Hospital can perform a variety of Radiographs (X-Rays). These pictures allow the veterinarian to examine the problem area. If the pet is extremely uncomfortable, sedation may be used.

If you have any questions about digital imaging services, please feel free to contact our office at (207) 873-4668.

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