Meet The Doctors


Dr. Russell Danner is a 1998 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine.  Although originally from Wisconsin, Dr. Danner has worked in Maine since 1998 as the Maine Inland Fish & Wildlife’s state veterinarian, teaching part-time at Colby College, and working part-time for Windsor Veterinary Clinic and the New England Animal Hospital.  Dr. Danner purchased the New England Animal Hospital in April 2012 from the estate of the late Dr. Alan Slack.  Dr. Danner has extensive experience with fish and exotic pets.  He has published several scientific articles on fish and wildlife veterinary projects.  Dr. Danner enjoys gardening and farming.  He has plans to renovate the grounds at the New England Animal Hospital with more parking, flower, fruit, and vegetable gardens and a dog exercise area. Dr. Danner is married with three sons. He has a dog and cat.