Fish Medicine


Dr. Danner has created and is in the process of patenting a fish anesthetic called Fish Eezzz. While working as the Fish & Wildlife Veterinarian for the State of Maine, Dr. Danner discovered a safer way to anesthetize wild fish so they can accurately be weighed. The current fish anesthetic, called ethyl 3 amitobenzoate methanesulfonic acid salt, doesn't harm the fish but stays in their system for 21 days and is toxic to people and other animals if they were to eat the fish during that time period.

Dr. Danner worked with local Colby College students to create a fish anesthetic that would allow fish to be returned to the wild right after being anesthetized, rather than having to wait the 21 days. He has discovered that spearmint, such as the kind found in gum and toothpaste, and wintergreen oils quickly and effectively anesthetize fish, crustaceans, and amphibians. One pound of Fish-Eezzz added to 80 gallons of water could potentially anesthetize hundreds or even thousands of fish, allowing scientists to monitor the growth and health of fish populations. Fish wake up from the anesthetic within four minutes.

Dr. Danner works with local trout and salmon farms and welcomes fish owners to bring in sick fish for examinations. For more information, please call (207) 873-4668.